Culinary delights in the Linde mean the delightful combination of originality, the best products and genuine craftsmanship with a contemporary twist.

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    Regionale Küche essen im leckersten Restaurant in Münstertal
    Käsespätzle im Restaurant in Münstertal

    Fresh produce from next door

    Stripped of everything superfluous, the focus in our restaurant in Münstertal is on fresh, natural produce – whether it’s cheese from the Münstertal cheese dairy or honey and bread from the neighboring farmer.

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    Three parlors in our restaurant in Münstertal offer the perfect setting between casual-relaxed and festive-elegant, depending on your mood and occasion.

    While the 300-year-old fir wood floor and old roof beams set the tone in the Alte Stube, hotel guests and locals, hikers and mountain bikers mingle in the relaxed ambience in the Jägerstube after a long day in the mountains. In the fireplace room, the open fire provides a cozy ambience away from the hustle and bustle. Games and books are available for guests and from time to time we organize small events and wine tastings here.

      Sommer im Schwarzwald Terrasse Restaurant Linde

      Love for simplicity

      The stream terrace behind the house is the perfect place to relax after a mountain tour with a beer and a snack. The valley terrace with its cozy sheepskins is a feel-good place for our hotel guests in winter.