Vacation with dog in the Black Forest

    Black Forest vacation with dogs: Dogs are also very welcome at the Linde. We are just as happy to welcome four-legged friends as two-legged friends and are happy to make sure that everyone has a wonderful vacation together.

    Hiking with dogs

    Many hikes that are also perfect for dogs start in the Münstertal, directly behind the lime tree. In the southern Black Forest, the “dark fir trees” from which the forest takes its name are tempting.  But there are also many views far above the treetops, gentle hills and deep gorges.

    You can expect both beautiful hikes with wonderful refreshment stops for humans and dogs, as well as longer and more challenging hikes with a few meters of altitude to conquer.

    Most of the hikes are suitable for dogs without any problems. Caution is advised on some gorge hikes, for example parts of the hiking trail through the Wutach Gorge with ladder descents are less suitable for dogs. There are also gratings or grating steps to cross.

    Schwarzwald-Urlaub mit Hund Berghund Keramiknapf

    Dog-friendly facilities

    In our dog-friendly hotel, we also ensure a relaxed stay for four-legged family members. We provide your dog with dog equipment including a cozy blanket, a towel to dry his paws and fur and his own bowls.

    We also have the basics for hiking with your dog, such as a drinking bottle, so that your dog can enjoy your vacation in the Black Forest as much as you do.

    Please note that we do not have an elevator in our house, so the rooms can only be reached via stairs. One dog is allowed per room. Dogs are welcome in the Jägerstube for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    And if something is still missing…

    …or the dog’s hunger is particularly great thanks to the mountain air, there is a very well-stocked supermarket in the village of Münstertal and even a store specializing in dog supplies in Staufen, 10 minutes away.

    In Staufen there are also three vets in case of emergency, whose contact numbers are available at our reception.

    To our rooms

    Zwei Raum Junior-Suite großes Hotelzimmer im Schwarzwald


    Dogs are welcome in all our room categories. Take a look around our hotel! And if you have any questions about your stay with us, please send us an e-mail or simply give us a call on +49 (0)7636-447.